Three Magnets Brewing Co


One could successfully argue what there is to like about Three Magnets’s brew-pub — colloquially known as 3-Mag — is what matters. The food is consistently good. It is likely the best brewery in the Olympia area, and the fizzy lavender lemonade is more than an afterthought for those looking for something sans alcohol. On paper, 3-Mag is a contender. In execution, things aren’t quite as rosy.

It’s a rare thing that I find service lacking to the point I won’t return to a spot. 3-Mag is vacillating on the razor’s edge. Misunderstand me correctly — the staff is friendly, but that only goes so far when the service is slower than molasses sliding down a wall of chewing gum. The waiting periods resulted in a meal spanning hours.

If you can live with that, what you get is good.

Illustrative image

In spirit of comparing the food to 3-Mag’s brunch spot, The Magnet (which we thoroughly enjoyed), I decided to try the jackfruit sandwich. It comes as you’d expect — cooked in barbecue sauce in the style of pulled pork, served on a ciabatta bun. And it’s good. It is different enough from The Magnet’s jackfruit hash to make it its own distinct dish, perhaps because of the bun. It’s a tasty, well-baked bread.

The accompanying fries balances out the plate. Maybe not healthily, but certainly tastily. It makes for a great lunch, if you’re OK with waiting an hour to get it served, even during the literal opening hour. I don’t know if it’s due to under-staffing or the lack of training — I’d wager on the former — but for whatever reason relatively newly opened The Magnet runs like clockwork, where 3-Mag doesn’t. It’s baffling.

What 3-Mag delivers, again, are of high quality. A Tasting Panel brought in from Seattle unquestionably enjoyed their beers. The actual meal was fully satisfactory. But sitting around for almost two hours on a Saturday at 11 a.m., not in a leisurely way, but our of necessity? That’s not good.

Which is too bad. The food deserves something better than this.

NB! Photo is of the vegan burger, which also is quite good.