Well 80 Brewhouse

The Great Burger ChaseOlympia

There is more than one way to prepare an Impossible Burger, lest there be any doubt. Case in point is Well 80’s offering. Olympia’s recently opened brew-pub serve drive-in style burgers without the je ne sais quoi of Cascadia, but with their own, old-school pizazz. That’s not a slight. Embrace the simple things in life and achieve both enlightenment and a zen burger appreciation. It’ll make you a better person.

As for Well 80, it’s all about the restraint: Tomato, lettuce, cheese, and drive-in sauce make up the base toppings, and the Martin’s Famous Potato Roll bun is flavorful, if not a marvel of fresh baking.

Should you be in a crazy mood, you can order the burger — Impossible and meat-based alike — Oly Style, with mustard and grilled onions. All Out adds bacon and avocado.

And the burger is good. I have claimed you would be able to tell the difference between a meat and Impossible burger at Cascadia, but I’m not so sure if that goes for Well 80. The patty tastes similar to the real thing, medium doneness and all, and while it’s not quite a straight substitute, it comes close. If that’s a good thing or not is entirely subjective.

Well 80 delivers a classy, classic burger at any rate. Classic shouldn’t mean sub-standard ingredients, and here it doesn’t, which is a refreshing change from many other places around town.

Burger aside, I would be amiss not to point out Well 80’s other assets. The interiors are inviting and sleek, with the iconic Oly Brewing slogan, It’s the Water, displayed as a reminder that the brewery is sat on Olympia’s eightieth (of ninety-six) artesian wells. The flash-fried Brussels sprouts are excellent, close to those from perennial Portland favorite, Picnic House, and the fries have a proper bite. Intern Jon heartily recommends the pretzel.

Good burger, good space, good food in general: Well 80 plays in the top division of brew-pubs.