Whole Foods: Burrito

Whole Foods has a burrito bar. That should come as little to no surprise to most, and if it’s a concept you can reconcile with, it is something to take advantage of.

To state the obvious, Whole Foods’s burrito is one you quite literally can assemble at home. After all, it is made up solely of store items, and nothing in the burrito bar is particularly complex. And that’s fine. Sometimes it’s helpful to have a Burrito Professional™ quickly assemble something for a grab-and-go.


Of course, professional… During a recent visit, the clerk informed me they were out of carne asada, and that it had been replaced by something she didn’t know what was. That is not a big deal for those of us in the trade – it was obviously barbacoa – but it could put a neophyte into a pickle. If Whole Foods trained their employees better on the burrito’s nuances, it would be helpful for all parties involved.

Still, the burrito was well wrapped, and the ingredients – your standard beans, cheese, rice, pico, etc. – were evenly distributed. The spinach tortilla held its fillings perfectly well.

It’s not an exciting burrito, but it has its place if you’re in need of a lunch break fill. It’s perfect for al desko dining.

That’s not to say it could stand up to a proper burrito, but you already knew that. You gotta judge these things on a scale.

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