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Man vs Fries

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Nobody is going to accuse Man vs Fries of being particularly refined. The pop-up truck is, after all, a fresher take on Taco Bell, and the Cali Crunch quesadilla is a wholesale rip-off of the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Crunch Wrap.

It’s impressive that the tortilla manages to hold all of the stuffing.

Lack of originality and subtleties aside, it is hard to deny the wrap’s maximalist tastiness. It is assembled freshly and doesn’t have that mushy stuffing Taco Bell delivers. If you’re going to put Cheetos in anything, a prerequisite should be that the meal will be crunchy.

There are three Man vs Fries pop-up trucks in the Seattle area, and trying out one of their glutenous offerings is worth it, if only for the novelty value.

What To Order: The battered 4 Double Stuf Oreos are all that is wrong and right with the world.

- Remi A. Olsen