Lorena’s Kitchen: Taco

There is good Mexican food to be found in Seattle, exclaimed Seattle Times breathlessly, to which we replied, Really? That’s not to say we don’t believe there are good Mexican spots in Seattle, as there are plenty of choice with-a-twist restaurants. But as far as the authentic stuff goes? Fair enough, we could certainly do with a greater selection.

Lorena’s Kitchen is located in Georgetown and is, as promised by the Times, just a walk-up window. That is a good sign. A quick scan of the menu revealed traditional tacos for $2.50 a pop, a fair price. In fact, nothing will run you more than $8, so good deals abound.

The one twist on the traditional taco is the optional inclusion of sour cream and shredded cheese, which I can admire. Those two additions are often a warning sign, but if you already know how to deliver the classics, there is nothing wrong with sparingly adding some extras.

And Lorena’s does know its classics, there’s doubt about that. The homemade tortillas came double-stacked – why have so many spots stopped doing that? – and had no problems standing up to the succulent carne asada. Equally important, they served as a proper part of the meal, as opposed to just functioning as a vessel. The flavor-y corn complemented the meat in a highly satisfactory manner, an important milestone for any tortillaphile.

Otherwise, the carne asada taco was served the way a carne asada taco should be served. Cilantro and onion on top, with delicately spiced meat. It’s hard to beat the original when it’s done well, which is precisely what Lorena’s did.

Too, a serving of roasted pumpkin seeds was worth $4; excellently seasoned, with a proper chew.

I sort of wish we didn’t have to celebrate finding proper, old school, authentic tacos, but the Times’s proclamation is well placed. There is good Mexican food to be found in Seattle, and thank heavens for that. And, of course, we are making it our mission to track down more of it.

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